Join Me for an Exclusive Private Experience on Location (or via Skype)

Dear Self-Employed Friend:

Are you a Female Coach,  Consultant, Trainer, Small Business Owner or Woman Entrepreneur who is ready to…

  • Get the clients you really want to enroll into your programs fall in love with you?
  • Project rock-solid confidence & remain playfully relaxed and centered in the presence of your ideal clients so you easily know what to say and do to get them to work with you?
  • Stand out in your industry, catch your client’s attention, and be the go-to-gal the moment you’re in contact with your ideal clients?
  • Develop a powerful body language skill and habits that instantly makes clients feel attracted to you and your business?
  • Instantly get prospects around you to experience that magnetic “I have to work with her” feeling and create a mouth-watering “Rock Star” magnetism appeal that you are their next coach, without you having to say a word?
  • Intensify part of your natural personality to attract high-paying clients so that you’re making powerful, mesmerizing impression?
  • Turn a dull sale conversion into a conversation that light’s your prospective client’s imagination on fire that she’s silently begging to work with you at the end of the day?
  • Have the confidence to stand in your value and charge what you desire for your services and get it?
  • Heighten your social value amongst your social circle and give them that “She’s really got it down” feeling they normally get from high-profile entrepreneurs, celebrities, and the super-rich?
  • Transform yourself at the very core of who you are so that you’re always radiating the very attitude clients find irresistibly captivating, they find it impossible to notice you?

If you’re nodding yes, you’re not alone!

I Used to Be Where You Are Right Now!

I’ve worked with countless of women entrepreneurs and guided them through how they can also increase their personal magnetism, attract awesome client and create a influential lifestyle business that makes them money.  A business that supports their lifestyle, helps them stand out as an influencer, and boost their income substantially. I’ll map out the exact strategies customized for you along with a SIMPLE PLAN to help you to start attracting high-paying clients who are ready to pay you what you desire without the fluff. Here is a common question I get asked all the time…

“How do I differentiate myself from my competitors?”

Graduating from university, I thought I was truly confident, until I saw myself writing CV’s for mediocre jobs working 12hrs a day earning £1000 a month.

Being made redundant after the birth of my second child was the final straw for me. I slipped into a slight depression because I thought no one was going to hire someone like me. I lacked so much confidence; I had no spark, no enthusiasm and there was nothing joyful about hanging out with me. I thought I wasn’t good enough to experience anything exceptional, not to talk about making money in my own business. I actually thought I was born to live a less than average life and I made it my mission to live up to that life everyday.

Then one lovely morning while having a hot shower, listening to Beyoncé I heard a big bang on my door.

I ran out naked with this look on my face WTF.

I thought it was an earthquake.

Looking ahead, I saw three scruffy guys staring at me, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Trust me I didn’t feel pretty.

They demand I pay the mortgage arrears I owned or they will reprocess my home. I was told to pay up £6000+ in less than 3 months.

With no job and, no money.

I made an all-or nothing decision: to rewrite my story, follow my desires, start a business, get clients and start making my own money. Within the first 30 days I made £5,459 to be exact in income with just 4 clients and paid off my mortgage arrears. What’s really exciting about this is that, these clients were simply awesome – they were committed, fast-action takers. Clients I’ve always dreamt of working with.

I Cracked the CODE!

So what is my secret to attracting your ideal high-paying clients while creating an influential lifestyle business?

Personal Magnetism: an alluring and captivating personality that gets you noticed.

The only way you can take all your gifts and be successful doing what you love is through your personality, how you make people feel. People should genuinely enjoy being around you. You need to know how to present yourself to your ideal client in the most memorable way.

You can have the best product, offer the best services, have thousands of fans on social media and have the pretties’ website but if you are not known and liked by your target audience, you are in for a failure, and lots of money will go down the drain.

The true value of personal magnetism in your ability to create a success business through the direct or indirect cooperation of other people.

What I’ve discovered is that, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

I made my first £10K with less than 100 subscribers. I travel around the world doing intensives in a very magnified and exciting way without sacrificing the things I desire.

Security Guard working 12hrs a day 6 days a week

Security Guard working 12hrs a day 6 days a week, with 18days of holidays

Now a Personal Magnetism Expert, working 5hrs a day, 4 days a week. Working with clients in different locations from all over the world. Taking holidays every 90 days, travelling in style and staying in luxurious hotels.

Join me for my

“Increase Your Personal Magnetism”

Private VIP Experience

in an upscale hotel & spa where we will discover how you can increase your personal magnetism in your business in a magnificent way


Luxembourg *4 Spaces, 2  SOLD OUT January 2016

Exclusive Bonus for the Luxembourg participants: TBA


For direct questions or to reserve your spot, please email:


London, UK *5 Spaces, 2  SOLD OUT February 2016

Exclusive Bonus for the UK participants: TBA


For direct questions or to reserve your spot, please email:



Paris, France *3 Spaces, 1 SOLD OUT March 2016

Exclusive Bonus for the French participants: TBA


For direct questions or to reserve your spot, please email:


Are you ready to dive deep and focus the entire day on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?

Benefits of my “Increase Your Personal Magnetism”

Private VIP Experience

  • Gain clarity on your magnetic personality so that you’re consistently attracting more of your dream high-paying clients
  • Craft a magnetic, inspirational & powerful core message to convey online so that you’re always landing more of your perfect-for-you clients like it’s no big deal
  • Learn exactly which part of your precious personality to showcase online to boost your brand personality so that you get noticed, get remembered and create more raving fans that never stops taking about you
  • Design an irresistible premium rate programs that sell themselves.
  • Reprogram and rewire your subconscious mind and turn yourself into in fearless entrepreneur that approaches any client with style any time, in any situation… without even thinking about being rejected.
  • Master the art of closing more sales with anyone, anywhere and anywhere.
  • Learn how to confidently stand in your value and charge what you desire for what you’re offering and get it
  • Dive deep into creatively brainstorming the big idea for your magnetic marketing (video series, magnetic marketing ideas, social media campaigns, personal branding etc).
  • Create a customized 30-day step-by-step action plan that you can implemented in your business to help you authentically increased your personal magnetism both online and offline.

And more… do you need laser-focus, support and clarity around your mindset, lifestyle and business? These hours are custom-tailored for you to make a shift on what’s blocking you from living your life to its fullest..


If you know you are ready to claim your spot and spend a magnificent day with me in my “Increase Your Personal Magnetism Private VIP Intensive” book a non-obligatory complimentary call with me now or send a direct email to

This Private VIP Experience is available at £5000 . Let’s be honest here; at £5000 it takes just one new client to easily get back the investment for this coaching program. And when you consider that every client after that is gaining you new income, month after month, you’ll see that investing in this coaching program today could easily be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business and yourself. So, are you ready to stop churning away your time and to start giving your business a boost of more clients, more cash and more growth?


*** Exclusive Bonus (£2000 value) ends 30th of January 2016 ***

VIP Concierge with Access to Joyce I will serve as your liaison for 2 weeks whenever you want an “eye on your business”. Reach out if you want me to review your marketing materials, give you some insights on your big launch, provide feedback on your packages, or give you some extra guidance when you’re feeling stuck. If you want my input on copy or to review important materials, I request at least 7 business days’ notice.

Complimentary Executive Car Service to and from location Airport.

Complimentary Luxurious Hotel Accommodation.

Divine Catered Dining with me.


This is how we’ll spend our private VIP experience on-location together

We start with a 30mins vivid discovery phone call a week before the experience. During this call, we’ll discuss everything about your business, your marketing, your desires and objectives so we have a detailed action plan to guide us toward the day.

9 am we’d start Coffee, tea whatever you please, this is how we commence the day. We will get into some clarity questions. This will help me find out the gaps and where things link together in your business with your market, your offerings, your goals, your dreams.

Lunch 12 pm-1-30pm I’ll treat you to lunch, we have the option of choosing from all the location rich cuisine, both veteran, glutton free, cold and hot food.

The second half of the day This is where the magic happens; we map out all the details of your business strategy for the next 12 months. I’ll identify the hidden income in your business, and we’d discuss ways you can tap into them starting today. Everything you need to grow your income will be shared during this time. We would wrap the day with a toast at 4pm.

Follow up  An introductory call before our session and four 1:1 private coaching calls weeks after our session and we can go over any questions and fine-tune your plan. I’m also via emails and short chats, as you need them.


It’s your time to start making money in your biz?

Here’s the deal… I have a limited amount of time. Not only that, I am selective with who I work with.

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£5000 (plus bonus worth £2000 which includes a 2 weeks VIP Concierge with me, Luxurious Hotel Accommodation, Executive Car Service and more)

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If you know you are ready to claim your spot and spend a magnificent day with me in my “Increase Your Personal Magnetism Private VIP Intensive” book a non-obligatory complimentary call with me now or send a direct email to



*If these dates doesn’t work for you, shoot me an email so that we can work something out. Email Joyce at to request your preferred date.

Magnified Love, Joy